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Naturally Hydrate With Crystal Light Pure Fitness

Low-calorie drinks have been around for decades. Some are in the form of sodas and other in the form of mixes you add with water. What they’ve all had in common is that they have used some sort of artificial sweetener to keep the calories down. One of the favorite mixes for many has been Crystal Light, and now they have introduces a new line of mixes that have no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners called Crystal Light Pure Fitness.

People are more health conscious today, they are paying attention to what they put in their body and choosing things accordingly. Companies have noticed this and they are starting to pay attention to what they put into their products also. A new natural sugar substitute is now being used and Crystal Light has taken advantage of that to produce a drink that their audience is asking for, without all the stuff they do not want.

Aspartame has been the preferred artificial sweeteners for classic Crystal Light because it sweetens without the calories. But the plant Stevia has come into the limelight recently as an alternative to aspartame and sugar and is now being used. This makes the Pure Fitness drinks one of the first to be nationally available that has nothing artificial in it, not even colors. The natural ingredients in the mix color it and it is sweetened by an evaporated can juice that comes from the Stevia plant.

This evaporated cane juice is considered a natural sweetener because it comes from a plant, although it is considered thirty times sweeter than sugar. Using this plant, there are no calories for the body to intake because the body doesn’t metabolize the sugar molecules from the plant. This makes it very popular in the diabetic world too, because there are no negative effects on blood sugar levels either.

Although this is a low-calorie drink, it still carries a bit more calories than the classic version: fifteen calories versus five. But, you still use it like the original by just adding the mix to water and shaking. The ease of mixing this with a 16-ounce bottle of water is what makes this perfect, just add to the bottle, shake, and enjoy a refreshing light drink.

The Pure Fitness drink has something the classic does not though and that is electrolytes that aid in hydrating the body. This makes it a perfect low-calorie drink to take with you while out jogging or at the gym. It comes in three new flavors that everyone loves: Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, and Lemon Lime. One thing everyone has been raving about is how perfectly it mixes with water, unlike some powdered mixes; this one doesn’t leave clumps of powder behind.

More people are taking care about what they put in their bodies and companies are paying attention. Crystal Light Pure Fitness drink mix has come to the rescue of many people who don’t want those additives and preservatives in their drinks, but still want low-calorie satisfaction. The world finally has a naturally sweetened drink to enjoy with electrolytes their bodies need to hydrate without all the calories they don’t want.